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Minimal Creator is a Framer Template designed by a creator (me) for creators (you). Optimized for Newsletter Opt-ins, Blog Posts and Digital Products.

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You Don't Need A Niche To Build An Audience. I grew my Twitter account to 1600 followers without any niche.  In this guide, I'll show you how you can create content without a niche.

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Build An Optimized Website And High-Converting Landing Pages For Your Services/Offers With Framer. You don't need any design or coding skills.

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articles to challenge your curiosity & Obsessions.

A cover conveying what it looks like to have a broad segmented audience.

Building your email list IS hands down the best business move you can make at any time. There's a new way to build a modern email list. You build it with a segmented broad audience. I'll show you how in this article.

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A graphic with a black background. Has the sentence "the unfair advantage" with the "un" crossed. It reads as "the fair advantage" because ultimately, everyone has an unfair advantage.

You have a hidden power. If you tap into it, growing in social media won't be as painful as it is "supposed" to be. Finding your unfair advantage will give you an edge you can play on. You'll create your own league.

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A visual representation of the difference between a generalist, a specialist, and a holistist.

The Holistist. The one who doesn't comply with the conventional path and carves his own by merging specialization and versatility in entrepreneurship.

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The diagram of the westernized Ikigai. It's three circle making an intersection on the middle. Each section represent something. Passions, interests, and skills. The intersection is what I call the westernized Ikigai (sell what you love but what they need)

Many escape their 9-5 to build themselves a new jail. Yes, working for myself is better than for someone else's. But, is it worth it when we're heading in the wrong direction?

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Who the hell is he?
A multi-passionate obsessed with learning & growing.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Imed, a minimalist multi-passionate obsessed with learning and growing. I explore the intersection of passion & business.

My seek for knowledge led me to acquire various skills throughout the last decade.

I'm currently using branding & web design as a source of income.

Outside my current obsessions, I love watching and reading anime, learning Japanese, lifting weights, and playing basketball.

If I can't help you, I hope I can inspire you.

I’m currently accepting brand & web design projects. Contact me here.