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Build a website like Dan Koe

I’ve seen Dan’s content for over two years without liking a single post.

I was immersed in the branding and brand strategy bubble.

All the content I was consuming was about those topics. So, his content wasn’t appealing to my brain at that time.

Until I was fed up with freelancing, the constant frustration of finding clients, trying plenty of trends and jumping from one thing to another.

So, I became interested in his content (on LinkedIn), and it didn’t take long before binge-reading 70% of his newsletters and binge-watching practically all of his YouTube videos.

The more I learned about him, the more I was impressed by how his path was similar to my current one.

I’m a brand & web designer. He was a web designer.

He made me realize that it was possible to build an audience around your interests, contrary to others, which tells you to pick a niche and stick to it for at least six months.

I had prior experience writing blog posts for myself, even ranking most of them on the first page of Google. But, I didn’t have experience writing newsletters.

I wasn’t even aware of the 2H Writer course until he mentioned it in one of his videos.

I decided to buy it without even looking at the reviews for two reasons:

  • I have already watched nearly his entire channel
  • I wanted to write a similar newsletter to his

You won’t need to read a single review to buy his course for one reason:

  • You are reading this newsletter

All jokes aside, I value his course at $600, AT LEAST!

The cost of The 2H Writer is $150…

I used the knowledge from the course to write all of my newsletters.

They are my engine for my overall content.

I use them as a script for my YouTube videos , and I also use them to write tweets.

I approach my content creation game with a novice mindset. I will succeed, but hard work and smart work are crucial. Imagine you are a novice chef who is learning to cook. You have to replicate recipes until you start creating your own.

Replicate, don’t duplicate.

I wrote my first intersect (a term I use for “issue”) without any framework, “My Plan To Build A Multi-Passion One-Person Business To 1M In Revenue.”

I purchased the course on January 27, 2023.

I used it to write my second intersect, “My ACL Surgery Made Me Rethink Everything,” published on February 1, 2023. Since then, I’ve used the same frameworks for all my intersects.

More Than a Writing Course

Most of the writing courses I’ve seen only teach you the frameworks, and the “way” of writing, nothing else. The crazy part is they’re more expensive.

Here’s the thing, The 2H Writer is way more than a writing course.

It’s also an idea generation course and a mini lifestyle design course. He’s not teaching you the skill only for money, it’s mainly about how to improve your life and impact people’s life.

In this course, you’ll learn how to

  • Capture ideas
  • Connect ideas together
  • Build a perspective around your ideas
  • Write compelling tweets, threads, and newsletters
  • Do all of the above in 2h per day (I did more in the beginning)
  • Apply the above to your personal brand, and create your niche one.

It’s also a mini personal branding course. I mean, I’m not even exaggerating, and you’ll learn way much more from what you paid for.

The course has two sections:

The 2H Lifestyle

This section sets the fundamental base for becoming an elite writer.

Basketball players don’t only play basketball. They watch films, eat, rest, and consume what is relevant to their success. That’s what sets them apart from average players.

The same applies to becoming an elite writer.

You can’t expect to become one just by “only” writing.

That’s what I loved the most about the course.

It teaches you how to transform yourself from a consumer to a creator.

You become a Synthesizer and build new habits to set you up for life.

It explains the difference between creativity and productivity and how to manage them because they are both as important as the other. I won’t reveal the entire content of the course, but I’ll share some insights.

Train your creativity

Creativity is like a muscle. I loved drawing, so I knew I could become creative if I trained it like anything else.

I hated taking walks, thought it was super boring and that I had better things to do.

Well, I was wrong. If you think like me, you’re wrong too. Walks can bring some of the buried ideas you thought you lost forever.

One common mistake people make when walking is listening to music, which fucks the whole walk's purpose. You are distracting your mind from what he was supposed to do–reset and connect with nature to connect ideas together.

Walks are just one of the things I do. I will incorporate boxing and basketball once I heal from my ACL injury.

If I tell you walks will give you a million-dollar idea, you’ll do it. But it really can. So, what are you waiting for?

Productivity and creativity don’t go hand in hand

Dan suggests dividing your creativity and productivity blocks.

For creativity, it’s 30 minutes for ideas capture and 30 minutes for walks.

It’s important because if you don’t put a limit 30, 45 or 60 min limit for “idea capture,” you’ll find yourself consuming too much content. And that will cause more harm than good to your creative process.

Although, if you’re writing down ideas and have a burst, DO NOT stop at your time limit. Take advantage of this burst. When thoughts come to you, you don’t wait for your “next” creativity block to write them.

For productivity, it’s 30 minutes for writing your newsletter and 30 minutes for writing your thread.

The 2H Writing Ecosystem

I’m going to summarize this section in a nutshell for you.

1) START your damn newsletter, it’s gonna suck, but you have to start it.

2) Don’t focus on threads in the beginning (I replaced my 30 min block for writing threads with tweets.)

Mine looks like this at the moment:

  • 45 min writing my newsletter
  • 45 min writing my tweets

I could go crazy and write one month's worth of newsletter and content in one week. But that would jeopardize my quality. I’m evolving every week.

That makes me uncomfortable sharing a newsletter that I don’t find interesting anymore because of my “new” current level.

Starting my newsletter was the BEST decision I have ever made.

It’s the engine for my content.

Guess what this course helps you do? Write damn good newsletters.

My best intersect to date is “The Obsession Formula," even Zach Pogrob approved it:

That’s the kind of newsletter you can create because of the 2H Writer. Remember that I’m a beginner, and the only difference is that I took action without overthinking.

Final Thoughts

To wrap your head around this review. Please understand that Dan could sell the two sections of his course separately for $297 each, EASY.

You won’t be disappointed, even if you paid this price for each section.

If you think $150 is expensive for “this” course, I’m telling you it’s not.

It’s an ongoing bargain that you should take advantage of ASAP.

I would be forever grateful to Dan for the way he shifted the content creation game. I met so many like-minded people because of his course, and I'm growing on Twitter with those people because of him.

When you invest in a course, you are more-likely to connect with others who purchased it as well. That means you unlock more opportunities for new connections and meeting more people who can share their perspective with you.

Buy The 2H Writer here:

Thanks for reading.

- Imed

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