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I was and still am a knowledge seeker and soaker.

I love learning new things and developing my skill stack further.

With AI, you can learn faster. In today's intersect, we'll do things differently.

I'm sharing three valuable pieces of content you can use to take up a notch your learning and knowledge acquisition and save you tons of time.

Please note that you shouldn't believe everything ChatGPT gives you. You have to do your due diligence and use rational thinking.

How To Use ChatGPT as Your Personal Tutor/Mentor

You can pay for a mentor or ask ChatGPT to be yours.

Here's what you'll learn in this Twitter Thread:

1) The chamber of experts

2) The SCAMPER method

3) "Six Thinking Hats."

4/) The TRIZ Method

How ToUse ChatGPT as Your Study Partner

I copied/pasted the content of this video from Brie Does Things. I love her channel, but I can't entirely agree with some of her content (creating AI videos to teach topics) is one of them.

Method 1 - Use the Pareto Principle to identify the 20% and 80%

Prompt: I want to learn how to code in Python. Can you use the Pareto Principle, which identifies the 20% of the topic that will yield 80% of the desired results, to create a focused learning plan for me?

Method 2 - Create a study schedule

Prompt: Create a study schedule for all of the above in an appropriate amount of weeks. I can study for 2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday. Please include time for revision and testing.

Method 3 - Ask for resources to help you learn

Prompt: Suggest various learning resources (like books, videos, podcasts, and interactive exercises) for the above topics that cater to different learning styles.

Method 4 - Create project ideas to apply your new knowledge

Prompt: I am a beginner interested in learning [what you want to learn]. To do this, I need to know how to [do the skill you want]. Can you give me some beginner [topic-related] projects I could work on to help strengthen my [topic] skills?

Method 5 - Use Feynman Technique

Prompt: Explain [topic] to me in the simplest terms possible as if I were a complete beginner. (or as if I was a 5-year-old)

Method 6 - Create Mental Models

Prompt: Create mental models or analogies to help me understand [problem] in [topic].

Method 7 - Visualization exercise

Prompt: Guide me through a visualization exercise to help me internalize the term opportunity cost and imagine myself successfully applying it to a real-life situation.

Method 8 - The Socratic Method

Prompt: I want you to act as a Socrates and use the Socratic method to help me improve my critical thinking, logic, and reasoning skills. Your task is to ask open-ended questions to the statement I make, and after I provide a response, give me constructive feedback on each response before you ask the next question.

How to Use Notion AI to Save 12+ Hours of Work

Now that you're learning new topics, skills, and so on. You probably have some notes, TONS of notes. Hopefully, for you…

Well, with NotionAI, you can summarize, create action steps, and many other things to help you accelerate your learning.

This video from Thiago Forte is a MUST-watch. It's not clickbait because I have watched it, and it delivers on the promise.

Watch it here.

This was the final intersect from the 4-part HumanAIzed Series. Here are the last ones if you missed them:

  1. The HumanAIzed Perspective: Exploring AI Ethics And Collaboration
  2. Unleashing Endless Creativity: How I Use ChatGPT For Content Ideas
  3. Refining Excellence: Using ChatGPT To Evaluate And Rate Content

Reach out to me if you have any other resources regarding AI.

- Imed

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