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It’s strange.

When you find a helpful YouTube video, article, or product, you don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and audience.

But, regarding your own services and products, you’re hiding behind your fear of “sounding salesy.”

I experienced a radical mindset shift toward “sales.”

This intersect came out of the blue due to the launch of my recent product. I was like, huh? I’m gonna write about sales because, for the first time, I didn’t feel any anxiety sharing what I have built with the world.

In this first-ever short intersect, you’ll learn about the Self-Promotion Dilemma, Amplifying Your Inner Advocate, and Mastering Authentic Self-Promotion. 

The Self-Promotion Dilemma

In 2009, I became a content creator without even knowing it.

As a 14 years old kid, I started sharing my drawings and design online on Deviant Art

Deviantart profile of imed djabi.

I would lie if I said there are things I don’t regret. Actually, there are many.

- I regret not knowing how design could’ve been lucrative for me, especially starting at this age. By 24, I would’ve already had ten years of experience.

- I regret quitting for the sake of gaming (I was addicted)

- I regret chasing money and quitting my passions

I finally realized that everything happens for a reason. I embraced all of my regrets and turned them into lessons.

I didn’t give a damn what people would say about my “work.” I never thought I could make a living from what I shared. So, it was just for pure joy and passion.

Fast forward to 2019 ish, I transitioned into freelancing. I fell in love with logo design, then brand design, then combining all of them. Commonly diagnosed as Shiny Object Syndrome, but recently diagnosed as being Multi-passionate.

I hid behind this BS of my work and will do the talk for me. Let me tell you, NOBODY CARES.

Let me repeat, nobody gives a single fuck.

I respect those who put themselves out there and have full confidence in their skills.

Here is the thing, if you have complete confidence in yourself. SHARE YOUR WORK.

If you have complete confidence in yourself, you know you’ll help people. So, why don’t you promote yourself?

I know why. You don’t wanna people to perceive you as sealsy.

You don’t wanna people to perceive you as pushy.

You don't wanna say to people, hey, look at my beautiful product.

I totally get you.

But there is a way around this.

Amplifying Your Inner Advocate

I had a fantastic friend on my Podcast, Aleana Kali (brandsarealive) gave a free masterclass on personal branding, content creation, and sales. The episode is coming out in June.

One of the golden nuggets she shared with me was “sell to people how you like to be sold.” Pretty simple, right?

Yeah, drip email, follow-up emails, email sequences, welcome email sequences, and all of that fancy marketing stuff you've always been taught works. But do you absolutely need to do it? NOPE.

I shifted my mindset one year ago from not wanting to be perceived as X, Y, and Z to only seeing if I could help the person talking to me.

That's it. You are not selling to people. You are helping people. Let that sink in for a bit.

One important factor here, your product HAS to be good, and your service HAS to be good. Otherwise, it's called A SCAM.

You take off a lot of pressure from yourself.

Think of your product as someone else's product you trust and recommend to people.

Are you visualizing the difference?

How are you talking about people who helped you on your journey with their courses, products, or even a single piece of content (tweet.)

Coming back to the last point, sell to people how you like to be sold to.

I analyzed that and saw two particular people doing that amazingly well, Justin Welsh and Dan Koe.

Mastering Authentic Self-Promotion

A circle at the bottom represents a consumer. There is a ray representing the vision of the consumer. It is aimed toward three rectangles, each representing a media medium (Newsletter, Videos, and Social media.) All of these are linked with a rectangle that brings them together. At the top, there is a line in the middle that goes up to link with the title "Authentic self-promotion"

Both of them know their products genuinely help people. But you'll never see them heavily promoting it.

Here's how they authentically self-promote themselves:

- They include them at the bottom of their newsletters.

- They directly promote it when there is a discount.

- They directly promote their courses on 5 to 10% of their content, which means for every 100 pieces of content, you'll see between 5 to 10 direct promotions of their products/courses.

But, here is the thing. You'll still see their courses on their website and social media profiles.

If they were to use "traditional" marketing tactics, I assume they could easily add additional millions to their revenue.

You don't have to harass people to purchase your products, but you can always remind them that you have something that could help them.

Another tip that I’m gonna implement myself. Treat your courses or products as if they’re from sponsors, and include them in your videos and newsletters briefly.

Actionable steps for you to master authentic self-promotion:

1) Sell how you like to be sold to

2) Be 1000% bold and confident about your product

3) Include your products at the start, middle or end of your newsletter

4) Remember that you’re helping people but also remember that you can’t help every single one of them

Shamelessly promote your work like you selflessly promote the work of others.

So, my friends. Here you have it, embrace authenticity and share your remarkable talent.

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Have a great week ahead!

- Imed

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