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You probably already heard.

“The riches are in the niches.”

“If you sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one.”

Followed by 

“Pick a niche and stick with it for at least 6 months.”

“Know who is your target customer and create content for him.”

I tried everything on the table, and let’s say that it didn’t turn out very well.

Niche-based content made me anxious and made me hate what I was writing about.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the same situation.

I built an audience of a thousand followers on Twitter without a niche. Currently at 1500 followers, and yet I never picked a niche. The niche picked me. 

In this intersect, you’ll learn how to achieve the same because not only was I able to do it, MANY other creators have done it.

But first, let’s start with why you shouldn’t pick a niche.

Picking a Niche is for Brands and Insects, not for humans

First of all, the word niche is understood in many different ways. When Branding and brand strategy content surrounded me, Niching-down could mean many things. To build a service-based business or an e-commerce brand, you had to “niche down.”

I only work with beauty, wellness, and fashion brands in my design studio. I enjoy working with them. My style is minimalistic, and that’s where I found my sweet spot. So picking a niche wasn’t forced as for “content creation” or “building my personal brand as a whole.”

You could niche down in different areas:

- By type of business (SAAS, Ecommerce, local businesses, etc.)

- By industry (Food chains, beauty, tech, etc.)

- By style (minimalism, funky, bold, old school, modern.)

- Hybrid (E-commerce businesses in the beauty industry)

Now that I’m in the creator economy, I’m slowly transitioning toward working with creators because I understand their pain points and needs. Therefore, I can resolve their problems.

BUT here is the thing. I never created content about branding or web design. Yet, people were curious because of my website. They wanted to know how I did it, and they wanted to achieve the same result.

My question is, are you a business, or are you a fucking human?

Be a human first, then create your business(es).

We are building a PERSONAL brand. 

Why you shouldn’t pick a niche as a human who is looking to build his “personal” brand:

1) Picking a Niche is for Brands and Insects, not for humans

2) Creative restrictions (can’t talk about your interests or passions)

3) Fear of pivoting

4) Boxed in a topic

You don’t want that, huh? I don’t want it for you either.

The Anti-Niche Philosophy

Whenever we point to a big creator talking about whatever the fuck he wants and say oh, but he’s doing it. What do you hear? “He/she can do it because HE/SHE IS {name}.”

EUHH, Ok? But I don’t get it. Who were they before? A human. Like everyone else.

I often hear, if I did it, you can do it. Kinda easy to say that if you were able to do it, then you’re not average. Because the average can’t do it, someone who creates a social media profile to build a personal brand IS NOT AVERAGE. Average people DO NOT do that. Can you let that sink in for a moment?

So, if you are here, reading this and intending to create content, YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE. I assure you that you won’t need to pick a niche from the moment you realize this.

As the highly complex and exciting creature you are. You aren’t conditioned to do ONE thing, talk about ONE thing, or read about ONE thing. 

We had to learn how to walk, read, write, speak. As we grow, we evolve. Some find their interests and passions. Others don’t.

They’re two groups. One is, “They don’t know what the fuck they want because everything is boring,” and the other is, “They don’t know what the fuck they want because they’re interested in many things.”

The first group might be a fit for “niche down” at first, but not for long, I promise. They don’t find their passion only because they didn’t read my previous intersect. Seriously, it’s because they haven’t exposed themselves to opportunities for exploration.

If you are someone who really has no interest, I have a question for you. Why are you reading this? It seems odd that you’re reading this line far from the first line. You’ve lied to yourself, or I’m an outstanding storyteller.

You are already YOUR niche. You can create content about you not having any interest. Guess what? You’ll also attract others who don’t have any interests, and guess what? You’ll connect with them, and then you’ll find new interests together.

The anti-niche philosophy revolves around your current stage of life, passions, interests, obstacles, failures and successes. In other words, your path of uniqueness. It’s practically impossible that someone will have the same combination as you, but you’ll definitely find many who have the same failures and interests.

You open the possibilities for endless interesting connections with interesting people. Because they share more than one similarity with you. Let me tell you, I never followed up with people I connected with, and all that we talked about was “money” and “Twitter.” Too boring for me. Gladly, I didn’t meet many.

I connected with more than 70 people. I now have a close circle of 10 online friends BECAUSE of Twitter and BECAUSE of my not niched content.

My interest in multi-passions (Polymath) helped me connect with Somya and Adrian.

My passion for religion and obsession with perfumes helped me connect with Ve.

My interest in fitness and passion for religion helped me connect with Cem.

My passion for anime, drawing, and religion helped me connect with Jaidev.

My interest in lifestyle design helped me connect with Richard.

My passion for basketball helped me connect with Gustas.

I created content on Linkedin for more than 6 months. I only met people in the “branding” and “brand strategy” spaces. BORING.

When you create niche content, you attract niche people.

Those people might be interested in other things, and you might be interested in the same other things, BUT you can’t know, and they can’t know because you only create niche content.

If that’s what you want, please do you.

Me? I don’t wanna talk about ONE thing.

The Transition

I thought I had to talk about ONE thing because that was what everyone was saying. I genuinely believed it. But it never felt right. I always had the feeling that it wasn’t meant for me. I envied others who were talking about whatever the fuck they wanted.

“If you want to talk about what you want, you must start niche and broaden your content.”

Oh, that was the “filter” for people unwilling to do the work.

The work is “niche-down,” suck it up, and create content that feels like a chore until you can “broaden” your content. Only God knows when you’ll be able to do that.

No wonder why so many quit. Talking about ONE thing for months, sometimes YEARS, without enjoying it.

I handled six months and was fed up because I couldn’t stay consistent. Not only was I not enjoying it, but it wasn’t bringing me results. Then, there is another problem. I thought about the “dip.”

Do you know when everything is going against your plan? When is nothing working for you? That’s how I felt; I told myself, “It’s the dip.” Something great is going to happen soon. Hum, nope. I completely agree with this concept, but you must apply some critical thinking.

I prefer to create this exact content you’re reading for up to 5 years without getting paid (close to impossible), and I will still keep going because I enjoy it.

I wanna make this clear. Picking a niche works well for many others. 

They enjoy talking about it days in and out.

Some have one passion and dedicate their entire life to that passion with their business.

You gotta ask yourself, are you willing to do and talk about the same thing for more than 5, 10, or 20 years?

If the answer is yes, pick your niche.

If the answer is no, let the niche pick you.

Here’s what I did:

I listed all of my interests and passions. Then, I started sharing my perspectives on several different topics. Such as personal branding, passion pursuit, lifestyle design, human potential, and the creator economy.

I never thought that people would read my newsletter, but they did.

I was just writing what I was learning and exploring.

I was just sharing my perspective (I previously talked about how to develop unique perspectives.)

You already know many things, even about what you’re reading right now. But people don’t need to learn new things. They need to be reminded of the things they already know.

Therefore, my perspective can make you click.

Are you aware of what you’re reading right now? It’s about content creation and “niche selection.” 

Am I an expert in content creation? Nope.

Why are you listening to me? Probably because of my perspective. I do proper research, and I write about my unique experiences. I don’t borrow them. Therefore, my niche is ME.

You won’t find another Imed creating the same content as me. If you do, please report him.

Now that you understand why picking a niche isn’t really the best idea. I presume you wanna learn how to create content without a niche huh?

Well, that's the topic of next week's newsletter.

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- Imed

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