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In February, I signed up for Dan’s Koe Solopreneur Cohort Sprint. There were approximately 665 people in it.

Someone took the initiative to create a spreadsheet for everyone to add their Twitter. Out of those 665 people, only 166 put their names, and out of those 166, only 16 were active on the Discord server.

Only 2.4% of people who spent $150 on that course decided to take a step further and start their journey.

Why am I sharing all of that? To show you that no matter how many people they are, not everyone is willing to do the work.

It’s not meant to be easy. But you can make it fun.

This intersect is special. As I was outlining it, I came across Julie Ahrens's stellar thread, and I got so inspired that I decided to use it as a building stone for what you’re about to read.

There are three types of content creators you can stumble upon:

1. Eh, boring.

2. Bruh, again?

3. Waw, okay, okay!

Julie falls o b v i o u s l y in the 3rd category. I dislike praising people too much, but I love authenticity. People now are savvier, and they can feel the BS.

Her content is unique. You can feel her personality through her writing.

Julie, if you’re reading this, I know you’re smiling.

As I read her thread, I was like, hmm, yes, yes, yeees! I related to every single tweet within the thread. She spoke/wrote my mind, which I was ranting about in the past week or so on Twitter.

Last week's intersect was meant to help new content creators understand how to navigate the creator economy with all of the BS. That led me to now, writing about personal branding for multi-passionates

I will use myself as a case study and Julie’s thread as firepower to validate what I did unconsciously so that you understand “how” you can do the same.

What you’re about to read is to highlight the “there are no straight rules.”

I understand how difficult it is to “just do it,” “just be yourself,” “just write about what you like.”

Easy to say, but not easy to do. Luckily, I hope to help you bypass those not so easy to do things.

To give immediate context, this is the chronological timeline of my journey to 500 followers:

16/01/23: Wrote my first newsletter issue

27/01/23: Bought 2H Writer

01/02/23: Published my first tweet

06/02/23: Bought Solopreneur Cohort Sprint

25/03/23: Reached 300 followers after 1.7 months of tweeting every day

14/04/23: Reached 500 followers after 2.5 months of tweeting every day

As of writing this, I’m at 560 ish. The exponential growth is starting to kick in, and I can feel the fruit of the work I have put in.

Enough about me, huh, sorry, it will still be about me because I’m using myself as a case study.

All of the questions you’re asking yourself, I asked myself.

“What do I write about? I like so many things.”

“What should I do to grow organically?”

“How do I find people like me?”

Here is the thing, when I came to BlueBird Land, I thought that I would tweet for a year without any kind of spectacular result. I never thought I would have this growth.

So, let’s dive in. Before I explain my approach to personal branding for multi-passionate, let’s explore what ISN’T personal branding via Julie’s perspective.

What ISN’T Personal Branding

When I told you as I read her thread, I was like, yes, yesssss. I wasn’t lying, I wrote something similar in March because I was fed up with “finding your why” bullshit.

Some were trying to figure out their why while I was tweeting about not giving a fuck on having one. Can you start to see the difference?

I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing

That’s the surprising truth. I receive DMs from people asking me how did I figure it out? I’m like, euhh, figure out what?

Personal branding is figuring shit out, not having it figured out. We must share our lowlights along with our highlights.

And quite frankly, it’s an eternal mission. You’ll never genuinely figure any shit out. That’s the beauty of it—an infinite life iteration.

Think of it from a life perspective. Do you get better one day (figure shit out) and stop for the rest of your life? Nope.

Well, it isn’t that complicated, isn’t it?

Personal branding is the same concept.

You get better in public.

You share your interests in public.

You find similar people in public.

Personal branding is like a marriage with yourself (kinda weird saying that), but you'll get the point.

When marrying someone, you're not just committing for a couple of years- it's a lifelong commitment (I hope for you.)

Treat your personal brand accordingly.

Instead of asking yourself tons of questions, ask yourself one question:

- Am I committed for life?

If yes, let’s move on. If not, eh, well, it’s not for you. Sorry, not sorry.

Commitment, Execution!

The first word in the phrase, “personal brand” is “personal.” Now add an “ity” to it, drop the “brand” and that’s what it really means. That’s the secret. - ADAM RITCHIE

Here are the ingredients he presumes necessary for a personal brand:

1) Be knowledgeable about something

Don’t tell me you don’t know shit. I’m kidding. Even if you don’t, that’s OK! Because, you’ll share what you’re learning.

So, I’m changing this to “Become knowledgeable about something” AND “share it with the world.”

2) Have an opinion

You’ll be surprised by how many smart people I’ve met through Twitter. Yes, there are still morons like anywhere else. But, having an opinion attracts two sides; those who agree and those who disagree with you. I’m okay with both.

Many people have great points of view, but they’re just not writing and sharing them (I’ve met some.) If you know you have strong opinions and great insights, do the world a favour and share them.

If you think you don’t have an opinion on anything. You’re wrong. You just didn’t know about them.

What pisses you off in life? Nothing? Teach me how, please.

Seriously, as Monky as you could be. There is something or someone that can piss you off.

The why is the opinion. Dig deeper. There is more.

Every time something pisses me off, I write about it RIGHT AWAY.

You agree with someone? Share it.

S-H-A-R-E Your damn opinion.

Also, don’t get me wrong. I don’t give a f* if I contradict myself. Imed of tomorrow isn’t Imed of today. I can disagree with myself tomorrow. Seriously, that means you’re growing and thinking. There is nothing wrong with that. We’re not into politics here. Who gives a fuck about someone mistaken about “content creation”? It’s not the end of the world bro.

Why? Because the online world is constantly changing. Filtering the bullshit will slowly become your most used skill.

Ah, please do not confuse CORE values with points of view.

You can’t be honest today, a thief tomorrow, and honest again after tomorrow.

3) Deliver it with personality

If you think you’re boring, you’re wrong. You just don’t know how to convey your personality through writing. I was in the same position. Even now, it’s not like I’m doing it at my full potential. But I’m getting better every day.

I noticed that those who film themselves speaking get better at conveying their personality through writing. That’s what is happening to me.

You don’t have to publish those videos. Just practice. But I warn you that you might end up publishing them.

So, quick section recap.

1) Become knowledgeable about something AND share it with the world

2) Have an Opinion

3) Deliver it with personality

All of that is great, but I felt it wasn’t enough.

Oh my god, there is more? Well, yes. This isn’t your typical how-to.

Simplifying something doesn’t always mean it should be shorter. Sometimes, it has to be even longer to cover every aspect of the complexity of the topic.

What IS personal branding?

Back to Julie’s thread. Here’s her take on what you need to build your personal brand:

- unique verbiage

- ballsy confidence

- intention, intention, intention

- listening to your body's signals

Gotta be honest here. Verbiage and ballsy are new words for me. But now I know.

Unique Verbiage

Yeah, I know. Where do you find THOSE creators that make you FEEL something?

I got you.

Unfortunately, I can’t find them for you. But let me do you a favour and tell you about those who make me feel something:

- Dan Koe

- Cem Ates

- Julie Ahrens

- Adrian Barra

- Zach Pogrob

- Somya Thakker

- Inner Practitioner

I follow many other amazing creators, but “how-to’s” don’t necessarily make me feel something. It also depends on your current interests and stage of life.

Those are creators that when I read, I’m like, “Oh, I never thought of it that way.”

Am I a creator that makes you feel that way? Let me know, hehe!

In all seriousness, that’s how you can develop your “unique verbiage.”

Ballsy confidence

Even when I had nearly zero dollars in my bank account, I was saying no to prominent shitty clients in my freelance business. If confidence isn’t innate for you, you build it with reps.

Although, don’t mix confidence with arrogance. I might even sound arrogant sometimes, but that’s a cover-up for miserable people and haters because there are many who understand and relate to me.

I have stellar confidence in my abilities, whether for my job (branding & web design) or playing basketball.

But, again. It wasn’t always like that. I have put countless hours into practice.

In basketball, workouts are not enough. You have to play in real 5 vs 5 games. Otherwise, it’s for nothing. It took me many, many games to finally translate my “workout skills” to “game skills.”

Same for online businesses. You can learn as much as you want. If you don’t put it out, it’s all for nothing. Jump on calls, and share your thoughts.

Fail to succeed, one of the best breakthroughs.

If there is one thing you can get for me is that I don’t give a single fuck about what people think of me. Ok, maybe 2%. Some have it naturally, and some don’t. Luckily, that is something that came naturally to me. For others, it’s a question of practice, and it’s truly a mindset shift.

Publish, no one will see it at first.

By then, you’re already better than you were.

When haters come, you’ll already be in the stage of “not giving a fuck.”

The lesson? Start right away.

Intention, intention, intention

Vice versa = You are not the product of your brand.

Which means:

- Share your process, share your thinking, share your obstacles.

- Share your interests and hobbies.

- Jump on calls with other creators to learn more and grow as a person, not to track and suck tips and tricks.

My additional tips: Step out of your comfort zone.

Listening to your body's signals

As I mentioned before, find those creators who make you feel something.

When you start gaining traction, more and more people will start getting to your DM. I developed a new sense for ungenuine people. I don’t get into calls with everyone that I talk to.

Honestly, I don’t know. I just feel it when someone is off. They turn off my curiosity.

Pretty similar to the feeling “too good to be true.” If it feels off, IT IS OFF.

How It Happened For Me

As I said, I didn’t know what I was doing or what I was going to do with my “content strategy.”

I just realized that to become your OWN niche, you have to create your unique perspectives.

Perspectives that nobody can steal from you. I’m not saying they are 100% original, they are 98%, but hell, I worked hard to come up with them.

It was a lot of content to grasp. You know what, take a break, make yourself a coffee, tea, or matcha, and come back.

Feels good? Let's keep going.

Here’s the step-by-step guide I’ll give myself if I had to start again (what I did unconsciously):

Take advantage of your multi-passion

Creating content should be the least of your worries. I assume you’re a multi-passionate.

We, multi-passionates, have a lot of things going on. So, instead of worrying about what topic you should write on, try this:

1) Write to express your frustrations, goals, or aspirations (first newsletter)

My first newsletter issue was about my roadmap to 1M. At that time, I didn’t know what I would write about. By my 1000s tweet, I still didn’t know what I would write about next.

I’m near 3000 tweets, and I still don’t know what I will write about in two months.

That’s the beauty of multi-passion. I’m exploring my curiosity and won’t limit myself to a particular topic. Call it shiny object syndrome. I call bullshit. Multi-passion is a gift, not a disease.

To give you an idea, head to my website and explore my blog. Can you put my content in a box? Nope. It might fall under the “self-improvement” umbrella but is still extra broad.

2) Write to express your observations and experimentations

I learn every day. Therefore, observations are not complicated. You only have to explore the “for-you” page. Also, I experiment new things every three days or so. I take plenty of notes throughout the week.

Writing  the obsession formula  is an excellent example of observations and experimentation.

3) Write about a big creator (agreeing or disagreeing)

Dan commented on my tweet and retweeted it after I wrote an  in-depth review about his 2H Writer Course. 

Zach Pogrob retweeted my article “ The Obsession Formula ” because I implemented tweets from him that inspired me for my newsletter and also because it was a “good read.”

As you can see, Adrian got a lot of traction for this thread, and he wasn’t disrespectful. It was a masterpiece.

Reals recognize reals. That’s why you should share your opinions and not give a fuck. Imagine if he thought, “Oh, I don’t wanna upset Dan’s fans.” Yeah, exactly. He wouldn’t have written that thread.

Do you think I tell myself, “Oh, what if Dan doesn’t like it?” Nope.

So, do not give a fuck.

4)Write to help others in your previous position (what I’m doing)

Here is what’s exciting about this journey. It’s not like I’m so far ahead. I just got started three months ago. You don’t have to gain experience to start helping others.

When you publish your first tweet, you’re one step ahead of someone who never tweeted.

When you keep going, you are hundreds of steps ahead of someone who never tweeted.

So, if you have problems, you know better than someone who doesn’t have problems.

Where to write

I’m sad to bring it to you. Start your damn newsletter. It’s the best decision I have taken. Otherwise, you might not be reading this right now. Let me repeat it for you, start your damn newsletter!

I bring back the highlight of this intersect “There is no straight rule,” which means if you don’t wanna start your newsletter, feel free to do so. But, I won’t leave you without giving you some convincing reasons to why you should:

- You can use it to write tweets

- You can use it to write threads

- You can use it as a script for YT videos

Guess how many tweets I can extract from this newsletter? A LOT. Especially because it’s a long-ass newsletter.

Don’t Write in a Void

You can become the best writer ever, and still, no one will see your content.

To expand your reach, you must bring awareness to you.

- Join a community

- Jump on calls with other creators

- Build genuine relationships

- Nurture your relationships

Last week’s Intersect cover  how to navigate the creator economy.  A perfect complementary read to today’s topic.

You are special, more special if you read the whole intersect, and even more special if you didn’t skim through it. I don’t blame you if you did, though. I do it too.

It was a lot, huh? We gained tons of knowledge. I learned with you while writing this. It is truly incredible.

Because of that, I must give you a quick recap:

- Commit to your personal brand as if it was your marriage

- Do what feels right to you, not to them (BS gurus)

- Take advantage of your multi-passion and create no-brainer content

Don’t wait any longer.

Start today.

PS: I’m a guest in my friend’s podcast-style Space today at 12:30 pm EST.

Find out about systems that keep a multi-passionate sane and how I post unique tweets.

Tune in by  clicking here . (Recording will be available)

- Imed

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