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My astrological sign (Taurus) might have played a role, but I've always picked the opposite side. 

My parents were tired of me. They knew I would do contrary to what they told me, so they started to say the opposite of what they wanted me to do in the first place. 

Clever! I laughed when they told me that. 

Society and schools teach you to follow and obey the rules without questioning anything. 

I knew something wasn't right from a very early age, especially in Algeria. 

In my era (7 to 11 years old), you could get beaten up by the teacher if you gave the wrong answer to a mathematical multiplication. 

I knew all the answers, but I intentionally gave the wrong one to taste the punishment and snitch on the teacher right away to my parents (most students were afraid). 

It's the primary reason 50% of students drop out. 

Things have changed now. Teachers are the ones who get beaten up by the students. 

All of that to say, my vision of the school system was already messed up. 

Coming to Canada, I was surprised to find out how it was. 

So I was in shock when I experienced the 'order.' 

Still, something hasn't changed. 

Obey the rules, study for your exams, get good grades, and shut the f*** up. 

Gladly, I wasn't one of those who complied with the rules. 

Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading what you're reading now.

I always asked questions about every damn thing.

Why is X like this, and why is Y not like this?

Teachers were tired of me and others like me (some were worse).

It was a good time, and I don't regret my high school time, ever.

I had terrible grades in boring classes, such as French, History, and Dramatical Art.

It's like forcing someone to watch a sport he doesn't enjoy.

We were forced to attend and listen to the bullshit we didn't want to hear.

The generation of now (2022+) is even worse. Kids 14-15 years old are going stoned or drunk to classes.

I blame the system, and I blame the boring classes.

There is always a way to make something interesting for the majority.

If 80% of students despise the class, it's either the class itself or the teacher.

You were programmed not to become polarizing. And if you were, the punishment was waiting at the door.

Society preaches freedom of speech, but somehow you can't speak your mind.

Freedom of speech applies only when you follow the rules and agree with what aligns with them 

  • Be a model student, study, and get good grades.
  • Be a model citizen, get a job, don't attract chaos, and pay taxes.

The percentage of students dropping out of college is going up yearly for a good reason.

If you did drop out, kudos to you.

I still respect those who pursue an academic career, but if you do, you'll stay behind no matter how hard you try.

The question is, are you giving up on your dream to become an online creator because of how you feel?

I'm too shy, I can't succeed.

I'm an introvert, I can't succeed.

I'm not a polarizing person, I can't succeed.

I don't like to be on camera, I can't succeed.

Well, well, let me call out all the BS.

Don't try to get out of it that quickly.

I call these "bla-bla-bullshit."

The "I don't have what it takes" is the biggest lie you can tell yourself.

Not every polarizing person was born as a polarizing person.

Not every "good" person on camera was born good on camera.

Here's the thing: the person who is shy, introverted, not polarizing, and doesn't like to be on camera still understood it was necessary to get outside the comfort zone.

I don't consider myself shy, but the other characteristics weren't present before.

I embraced my introversion and still started talking with strangers.

I embraced my personality and still started giving my opinion, whether people agreed.

I didn't give a single fuck if someone would make fun of me because of me being on camera.

It's ok to suck.

My content sucked for a long time, but I didn't care (I gave myself a high five). I'm still learning, and I have a long way to go.

Storytelling is an art.

Writing persuasive and exciting content is an art.

And I also consider becoming polarizing as an art because not everyone IS born with a polarizing personality.

So, the question is:

Do you need a polarizing personality to stand out in the digital economy?

First of all, many digital creators are successful without ever being polarizing.

But things have changed now.

Think of it as the super cool kid in school and the shy kid nobody knows.

The cool kid has all the attention and uses it to his advantage (many want to hang out with the cool kid)

The boring, shy kid doesn't get any attention, but he still might be funny and has a fantastic personality. He disagrees with many things but doesn't have the "attention" or the "opportunity" to express himself.

We are in the digital age now, and there is no barrier.

You can write what's on your mind without having the fear or anxiety of speaking.

What a chance!

I came across an interesting article stating the characteristics of a polarizing personality.

Let's explore these:

  1. You're grating
  2. You're decisive
  3. You're magnetic
  4. You're assertive
  5. You're a go-getter
  6. You grab attention
  7. You inspire debate
  8. You disrupt the status quo
  9. Sometimes you go too far
  10. You're not a "yes" man or woman
  11. You stand out, rather than blend in
  12. People tend to love you or hate you
  13. You're not afraid to speak your mind
  14. You prefer authenticity over popularity
  15. Your best qualities are often associated with your worst

A transformation from a shy kid to a confident jacked dude isn't only in the movies.

It's a very realistic scenario, you don't have to become jacked, but you indeed can become polarizing by adopting or embracing some characteristics of this personality.

I was a rebel from my early childhood, with a line of moral beliefs that kept me in check, but I was never afraid of saying what I thought. That brought me many problems.

Think of kids who only said the truth no matter the question. That was me.

I don't have a gazillion followers, but my content resonates with many people.

I'm not polarizing for the sake of being polarizing. I didn't know how to adequately convey my personality in my written content, which is another reason why it's an art.

Think of it. You are triggering emotions in people because of your content.

If your content is boring, it doesn't trigger shit. Ehh.

Don't worry, though. Even if you find yourself boring, you're not.

You only don't know how to convey the "unboring" side of you, my exact situation before.

You might even find my content boring, but I guess it isn't if you're reading this line.

In fact, you already read 64 lines.

I didn't trick you. I helped you.

Believe me when I say that I hated reading and writing. 

If you were like me, it's never too late.

Why I became interested in reading and writing is another subject in itself that I will cover in upcoming intersects.

The world is a messed up place, the online world is no different.

You just can't be "ok" with everything happening around you.

What pisses you off online? What pisses you off from your industry?

I rant a lot. When there is something to rant about, and there is always something to rant about.

Here are some examples of what pisses me off hard;

  • Coaches helping "six figures entrepreneurs" get to seven figures without even having six figures themselves.
  • Individuals who are ready to do everything to get your last penny.
  • People who complain about everything and blame everything and everyone but never themselves.
  • Individuals who act like the universe owes them something.
  • Miserable online people who spread negativity daily.

Miserable online people are those who piss me off the most. Because of them, many creators with incredible talents gave up on their dream.

Personally, I use them as fuel. I do take the time to answer all of them (there aren't many).

I've been called out lately for not being "emphatic" because I don't know how they might feel.

Let me tell you something. I don't give a shit.

Do I have to care about how they feel? Nope.

Do I have to feel bad about it? Nope.

Do NOT let them ruin your dreams or discourage you. Not everyone is like me, but my energy is very important. 

You have two choices when it comes to dealing with bullies.

  1. Ignore them: that's what I did with bullies in my childhood.
  2. Bully them back: you fight fire with fire.

Many won't agree, but I fight back and deal with them in the comments. I even thank them for the engagement.

Digital bullies are way more abundant than traditional bullies.

Many grow themselves balls they don't have in real life.

Don't let them ruin your dreams.

If you want to teach, teach.

Let's become polarizing.

Take a stance, to take a spot.

My personality might be polarizing, but my content wasn't at all. That's the sad truth.

I never cared about what people thought of me. That's a good and a bad thing at the same time.

How can you process feedback if you don't care about what people think of you or your content?

So, I changed my approach. I only don't care about what digital bullies say or think of me.

People who care enough provide constructive feedback. People who care enough send you a message in private before calling you out in public (you can respectfully disagree with someone in public). That's the people you want to care about.

My whole business is being against an idea. "Following your passion will keep you poor."

I don't believe it's true at all, and I don't have my business for the sake of being polarizing.

I believe with all my heart that I will become a millionaire with my multi-passion one-person business. 

Many don't believe in it, but many do believe in it as well.

You get to choose which one you want to give your energy to.

Who loves boring content?

Do you love boring movies?

I guess not.

But here is the thing, some content is intended to be boring.

Let me put you in context. I used to think writing and reading were boring. But, I realized I had to learn about essential topics such as marketing, sales, and copywriting to build my business. It was a must.

I became obsessed, and what I considered boring became fascinating. I became an avid reader, and look where it led me, you're reading what I wrote.

Here is the catch, I had my realization because of a polarizing piece of content.

"You have to do what you don't love to do to do what you love to do."

Do you get it? My content might give you some sort of light bulb realization.

You'll never know!

But one thing is for sure. You won't have it because of boring content.

That's why I love to challenge your curiosity and try to do it with entertaining writing.

You have to consume thought-provoking content to produce thought-provoking content.

The article you're reading is symbolic for me because I'm writing it in "Pier's Cafe" in Tokyo.

Don't get me wrong: not every piece of content needs to be polarizing. You can't start disagreeing with everything and taking it to the extreme. That's just exhausting (trust me, I used to be like that).

Instead, I learned to have rational and intelligent debates with valid arguments. It used to be an ego problem, where I always had to be correct. But having intellectual conversations and respectfully disagreeing with your friends can help you grow tremendously.

That's how I grew spiritually and matured mentally.

One more thing: being polarizing comes with backlash, and it's inevitable. But if you can defend your stance and articulate your beliefs with clarity and conviction, you'll be amazed at how much impact you can have.

My followers change, but my stance doesn't.

Despite my number of followers, I will do my best to always answer every question or comment. I respect creators with huge followers who do that.

Some say, "only fools and dead men don't change their minds." I'll stay a fool a little longer than expected.

I stand firm behind my vision (following your passion won't keep you poor).

I stand hard against digital bullies.

I won't change my mind for at least five years. It means I'll keep building my multi-passion business, and I'll keep bullying digital bullies. I don't have empathy for them (yet), and I won't apologize for it.

Haters are a good sign

Haters are one step behind digital bullies. They might give you a quick comment, such as;

  • Your content sucks
  • Your work sucks
  • This is garbage

You'll be surprised, but having haters is a good sign.

I don't want everyone to agree with me. 

I want thought-provoking ideas that challenge my curiosity.

Because of haters, people who relate to me might find me.

If you were a hater and read until here. I don't hold grudges.

If you are still a hater, I thank you anyway.

Let me know if I have changed your mind.

How to become polarizing

Disagreeing with your friends is the easiest way to unleash your "unboring" personality.

I didn't have any friends in Algeria (I didn't relate to anyone), and I didn't want to force myself to have friends I didn't like.

I thought that I was weird for a long time. 

Coming to Canada, I didn't have any friends either.

Going to the pool? Alone.

Playing basketball? Alone.

Going to the library? Alone.

I did everything, Alone.

But it didn't stop me from making friends in high school.

In fact, my friendships are eight years or more because I didn’t become friends with anyone.

I don't get along with everyone, but when I do, it's for a long time.

I became friends with them because I stayed true to myself and always spoke my mind with respect. 

You can agree on many things but must speak your mind when you don't.

In my book, that's what real friends do.

If someone can't respect your opinions or beliefs, you're better without them anyway.

I consider myself a boring person (in a particular environment).

I like to stay home, and I don't give a shit about the outside world.

But I'm a different person when I'm in another country. 

I like to do everything outside and explore.

My point is simple: change your environment. That implies making new friends, cutting out BS friends, explore new countries and cultures.

When you challenge yourself, you challenge your curiosity.

When you challenge curiosity, you challenge your comfort.

When you challenge your comfort, growth occurs.

Growth occurs with pain.

You can't expect to become polarizing only because you want to.

That's way too easy. You have to put in the work.

It starts small, but you might achieve it in less than 14 days.

  • Challenge your thoughts
  • Challenge your curiosity
  • Change your environment
  • Debate with your friends
  • Cut out toxic friends
  • Make friends if you don't have any
  • Love yourself for who you are

That's easier said than done, for sure.

But you start with one, and you add another one.

To master it, you have to practice it.

One easy way to do it... is to follow me.

Challenge your thoughts.

And challenge your curiosity.

That's what I aspire to do with every new newsletter.

Remember, becoming polarizing is an art.

I want to attract and grow with people who believe in what I think while still disagreeing with me on some points, which is fine. That's how we can grow together!

– Imed 

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