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I thought for a long time that having multiple interests was wrong. My feelings were confused and the only thing that was taught to me back then was: Be the best at X. Get a job at Y. Save money, and build a family.

Safe to say, I didn’t respect a single thing. It always felt wrong to me to follow blindly what we were told to do.

I always had the mentality of “prefer to work for myself and make 50k” than “working for someone else and make 100k.” Ego, freedom, and autonomy are part of the “why” I thought that way.

Follow me along. It’s gonna be a wild ride of rants, stories, and quotes to illustrate the “noise” of the online world and how everyone is trying to dictate to others what to do. When in fact, everyone should try things for themselves to build their unique path to success.

“Be the best at X” was one factor that kept following me everywhere I went. Any social media you can think of, "Be the best at what you do,” and you’ll be good.

But that didn’t sit well with me either. Who dictates when you become “the best”? Who should you listen to if everyone in your circle is telling your “you’re the best” but, in fact, what if you aren’t?

I witnessed many heartbreaking stories of brand owners putting their heart and soul into their products, marketing, and website. Yet, a 19-year-old launched her skincare line on TikTok and is making six figures in her first year, while the others haven’t achieved it in four years.

Do her products “being the best” really change something compared to the 19 years old?

Many factors play into the success of an eCommerce brand. Not many are successful right off the bat. It’s not enough to just become the best.

My question is and always will be: “How do you know you are the best”?

Many thoughts crossed your mind right away huh?

- People give you good feedback

- Everyone recommends you

- Everyone talks about you

So what?

How many times have you heard “good things” about a restaurant, but you still end up having a bad experience?

I got tired of the word “the best” because of fucking restaurants claiming they are the best in the city, the best in the country, and the best pizza. There is a best in everything.

You can feel my hate. I know. To sum this up quickly, “being the best” or “becoming the best” is garbage or BS. I compare myself to my yesterday self.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to become the best version of yourself. 

You should surpass your customers’ expectations. Otherwise, you’re average. I don’t like average, you don’t like average, and many others don’t like average.

The point? Deliver outstanding results and stellar customer experience.

BUT, do not proclaim yourself as “the best” when you’re not.

I laugh whenever I see someone saying he is “the best,” but his product or service looks like a high school project.

Do you know what’s crazy? I know people who branding and web design ain’t their job, but they’re WAY BETTER than so-called “professionals” I’m like, damn bruh. This isn’t making sense at all.

Safe to say “the best” is doing more harm than good for most people, calling themselves “the best.” Sorry, not sorry.

But Imed, are you saying I shouldn’t aim to become the best?

Haven’t you read what I have just written?

From a “Personal Branding” standpoint. Your only competition is you.

I proudly acknowledge that there are people way more talented than me in branding or web design. But do I give a fuck? No, I don’t. Everyone has his clients, and everyone is happy.

So, my question to you is: why should you give a fuck if you’re the best or not?

If you have to prove your value to your “lead,” then you’re not the best, huh?

Great, let’s move on before I get super emotional.

Reflect on Your Current Stage

Where are you in life right now? 

Where are heading to?

Coming to Twitter, I didn’t plan to grow “fast” as I did. There are other creators who grew way faster than me. But, I still consider myself fortunate for what I have accomplished so far.

So many people come to Twitter and skip the basics.

Basics = write, write, write, write, and write again.

But, you have to learn from people you aspire to be like.

You have to put in good reps. It’s the exact same thing as practicing shooting in basketball. You're wasting your time if you practice with a broken motion.

So, focus on the basics but also on quality reps.

Many see my content and judge that I just “got it right” but fail to understand that I have been practicing behind the scenes for over a year. I have written 15 articles for my Shopify Design Studio, and 3 or 4 articles have been ranked on the 1st page of Google.

Coming to Twitter, I already had long-form content experience and above-average SEO knowledge. I have been tweeting every day for 3 months, but I never felt forced to do so because I enjoy it like a game.

So, for god sake, do not compare yourself to anyone. You might know 20% of the entire story.

Did I want to be the best writer? YES.

Oh? Imed? You’re contradicting yourself here.

No, I’m not. I want to be the best writer for myself.

I have tremendously evolved since my first intersect. I literally feel like I’m in Super Saiyan Mode going into Ultra Super Instinct.

When you aim to become the best at whatever you’re pursuing. Do it for you, not for others. Seeking validation will diminish you faster than you think.

The truth? Nobody cares about how good you are. I thought that “being good” at what I was doing would be enough. W R O N G. Referrals and trust are the most important factors that helped me get off the ground.

Instead of “only” focusing on becoming the best. You might wanna build genuine relationships. It takes time, but the ripple effect is real.

Everyone wants the quick fix, but nobody realizes the fastest fix is the longest path. Dan Koe

The same applies to many principles in life. You choose the cheapest option and end up paying way more than the first "expensive" option.

My question is: Do you wanna be someone else’s quick fix, or do you wanna be their go-to?

How to Forge Your Path of Uniqueness

I’m getting into month 4 of my Twitter journey, and I can tell you that 70% of the creator economy looks the same.

Same bio structure, same picture, same banner, same content. Bruh.

I took my inspiration from Dan Koe, Zach Pogrob, and Jack Butcher. I have the same short-form video style, but it’s still different. I have the same brand colors as Dan’s, but I’m still different.

Would you be the same as someone else if you wore the same T-shirt? NOPE.

So, why the fuck do you think you’re gonna be the same just because you have the same colors as someone else?

The key and core element is YOU. If your content is 99% similar to another one, then it’s quite normal for you to feel pressure and unauthentic.

Your path of uniqueness isn’t “trying to be unique.” It’s more of exploring what’s resonating and not with you. I say this because I was trying to reinvent the wheel for so long and wasting my damn time.

Here’s what worked for me:

- Tried many BS advice

- Failed at more than 4 businesses

- Started without being ready

- Get better for me, not for people

- Followed my curiosities

- Constantly iterating

- Not being afraid of letting go

- Building genuine relationships

- Joining a community

- Helping people for free

- Picked two mentors, that’s it.

In a nutshell, your path of uniqueness is a combination of your:

- Curiosities

- Interests

- Passions

- Obstacles

- Failures

- Obsessions

- Successes

Combining all of those, there is no way in hell you’re similar to someone else.

That made me think of mine. Sharing all of those elements in my content helped me attract people who relate to one of them or many of them. So, the solution is simple, try to write all of them, and you’ll see that creating content is not as complicated as it seems.

Embrace your path of uniqueness, and your creator journey will transition from hell to heaven.

If you want some inspiration, have a look at my thread “7 days, 7 multi-passionates,” I explore 7 interesting individuals and outline their path to success.

- Imed

PS: I’m building my first digital product. If you like my website and want something similar. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates.

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