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Free work wasn’t appealing to me, and it’s not appealing to many.

It’s viewed as a demeanour to your skill level. 

How “could I” work for free at this level?

How “could I” charge this low at my level?

I’m about to change your perspective on Free Work.

Because believe it or not, when you do it strategically, the benefits are insane.

By strategic, I don’t mean planning on it for weeks and expecting things in return from the moment you give it out. No, it isn’t like that.

Strategic free work means doing it without regret and doing it for the right reasons for the right people. I signed my first two cold email clients because of free work.

Many future opportunities are lined up for me because of free work.

For context, I’m a brand & web designer.

Free work could mean free website design or free logo design.

I prefer website design because the benefits are fast.

Let’s explore how I approach free work and what it brought me exactly.

Why Free Work Isn't Always Bad

First, I want to give you a list I made for myself for whom I DO NOT offer free work.

- Arrogant Mfers who don’t understand the chance they have

- Individuals with negative energy (ask too many irrelevant questions as if they’re about to pay)

- Individuals with zero compassion whatsoever.

- Companies with many employees.

I can feel those who want to take advantage of me. And I can sense those who feel so grateful that they want to pay in the end, which I don’t want. Here are people I love to offer free work to:

- Creators that I enjoy their content

- Talented freelancers who can’t afford my services.

- Potential clients with exceptional customer service.

When It Makes Sense to Offer Your Services for Free

There is nothing wrong with having a strategy for offering free work. In other words, “having a plan behind your action.”

But, there is a small detail that makes all the difference.

I’m honest from the start about my intentions.

I offered a free website design and development to a big creator on YouTube and it was out of enjoyment and admiration for her work. Even if I knew I would benefit from it at some point, I didn’t want anything in return.

On another note, I made the same offer to creators on Twitter with an end goal in mind. And I don’t hide behind it because it’s a mutual benefit.

Everyone talks about testimonials after doing the free work which is excellent. But what about immediate benefit after it’s done? For instance, a testimonial and referral commission for every client the person brings you.

My Free Work Philosophy

In my case, I redesign the hero section of potential clients I want to work with for my design studio.

On Twitter, I build a network of referrals based on all the creators who got a website from me.

The ripple effect is INSANE.

But, remember one thing. You have to be fucking good. Otherwise, it’s a waste.

So, when you suck, take this free work opportunity as an experience.

You don’t have to be the best, but you have to be good.

How To Identify Potential Partnerships

I never thought of how someone else could apply the same concept in a different industry than (web design). But then I noticed that it could be used in any situation, regardless of your level or industry.


1. Rewrite the copy of a potential client or one of your friend

2. Make a Poll or Survey to determine which version was better and why.

3. Showcase the results of your research

See? You have to be good.

Systems Optimization

1. Analyze the current system of one of your friends

2. Rebuild their systems

3. Ask them questions about their transformation

4. Share the transformation

See? You have to be good.

In any industry, niche or whatever. To get more job opportunities from a “free” service. YOU HAVE TO BE GOOD.

How I Nurture My Free Work Relationship

I’ve been offering free work to a Med Spa owner for over eight months now, and it only takes one hour per month. This relationship can easily create a stream of income worth 10k per month.

I ask how things are going at least once a month.

One small act can distinguish between a great, long-lasting business relationship and a doomed one.

You don’t need 20 people.

In this case, it is way better to build a relationship with five people maximum that you can afford to give minimal free work for an extended period and believe me, it won’t be the end of the world when you reach the point where you put a term to it.

I’m currently offering free work to 4 people. All different scenarios, but I believe it will benefit me on a bigger scale in the upcoming years.

Not months, YEARS.

At the end of the day. It’s all about trust.

Your free work should build your reputation and relationship with those receiving it.

Don’t neglect its power.

And also, remember that you shouldn’t “expect” to get something in return. Otherwise, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

- Imed

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