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240, 400, 20, 5000, 100, 900.

Around 240h spent on Twitter.

More than 400 published tweets.

Approximately 20 published threads.

Around 5000 comments.

Around 100 calls with other creators.

And finally, 900 followers.

All of it in four months.

500 of them came in April alone.

Ah, I almost forgot. The essence of my content and my personal brand as a whole. My newsletter!

I have published 16 issues in 4 months.

Many things happen during these months. I faced some challenges and many successes.

Today, I will address a challenge I have never faced since I started my Twitter journey.

A challenge I never had, but many creators did and still do, is “content creation.”

Content creation is not only typing words and hitting publish.

Well, it could be but not in this issue haha.

Content creation is understanding how to

- get inspired

- cut the noise

- consume relevant content

- emulate and not imitate

- identify your strengths and weaknesses

- create shitty content to create great content

See? It’s not only about “typing words.” At least, not yet!

You’ll learn how to use ChatGPT for endless content ideas. But before that, let me introduce you to some necessary fluff to unlock your creativity WITHOUT ChatGPT. Because believe me, you’ll slowly burn your creativity if you don’t achieve it on your own first.

Still wanna jump right into how I use ChatGPT without reading the fluff? Suit yourself by skipping to “unleashing endless creativity,” but I’m telling ya, you’ll regret it!

The Problem: Content Idea Exhaustion

The problem is simple. The word “exhaustion” has been carefully selected for my upcoming analogy.

Exhaustion means you have exhausted your resources. Stupid simple, huh?

What do you do when you’re mentally or physically exhausted? Well, what are you SUPPOSED to do?





A little bonus: Writing about your exhaustion is a piece of content in itself. See? You have to rest.

The best way to break through a creative rut or simply recharge from your dryness is to ask yourself questions.

This brings me to my next point. Learn how to ask great questions. Because guess what? This is an intersect on using ChatGPT for endless content ideas, right?

To do that, do you know what you have to do?

I know, it’s obvious; ask GREAT questions. In the AI world, they call it “prompts.”

I won’t give you a swipe file of prompts. It’s the fucking reason you can’t come up with content ideas, great questions, and general creativity.

Stop collecting giveaways, swipe files, and all of that garbage you open once a year.

Identify the Challenge: Running Dry on Inspiration

The first question you have to ask yourself: Why I’m running dry on inspiration?

Is it because I don’t move enough?

Is it because I consume garbage? My definition of garbage is endless scrolling through BS videos and news. 

Your body reflects the food you eat and the lifestyle you live.

Your mind reflects the content you consume.

Your creativity might be the sum of both.

Do not compare yourself to Mangaka or talented artists, for God's sake. You aren’t them. They can live in chaos, eat one time per day, not move by a step and still have endless creativity.

But do you know why? They have been creating since they’re fucking kids.

You just started creating content, and you think you could do it their way?


You don’t have to be a genius to stop scrolling through BS.

You don’t have to be a genius to identify what is BS.

Change your environment, and you’ll experience the benefits quite drastically. I won’t sell you a dream but it’s a great start.

But, oh oh, Imed. I don’t consume garbage and still can’t seem to get ideas.

But, oh oh, Imed. I take walks and still can’t seem to get ideas.

But, oh oh, Imed. I hit the gym and still can’t seem to get ideas.

Well well, please reread the heading of the section. “Identify t.h.e challenge.”

One common problem is a lack of self-reflection. Are you asking yourself “great” questions?

Hell, even if they suck. You’ll have something to write about.

How was my week? Shitty. Ok, write about it.

What have I learned this week? Nada. Ok, write about it.

To be completely transparent. I have maybe walked TWICE since I came back to Montreal. I felt like my entire Twitter circle was talking about walks, walks, and walks. I’m like, bruh. 

I do still agree that walks unlock creativity. But I also think it shouldn’t be associated with “creativity.” What happens if you have an injury and can’t walk anymore? Will you still be able to produce content?

Well, you get the idea. Learn how to “unlock” your creativity without any related environment attached to it. The question is how?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Mine is simple, you have to practice. Creativity is like a muscle. The more you do “creative thinking,” the better you become at it. The more you write, the better you become at it. The more ideas you try to generate, the more you become better at it. It’s a rep game.

At this point, I can get ideas anywhere, anytime.

From June 1 to June 7. The TV show “One Tree Hill” inspired my entire content. The characters often refer to book authors, narrating quotes in the background when the episode approaches the end.

Many people will tell you that watching Netflix is wrong, yati yata. But I’m here to tell you that it’s bullshit. Do whatever the hell you want. But, become aware of your consumption. I watched One Tree Hill because I loved it and because it was one of my favourite shows growing up. I get to watch it again and create inspiring content for my audience because of the show. Insane huh?

Here is one of my tweets inspired by OTH: “Your personality shapes your personal reality.”

Lucas Scott said: sometimes we judge others by their actions and find ourselves doing the same later on. Our actions affect our hearts and our personality. DEEEEP.

Damn, I love that show. When you become aware of the possibilities, opportunities start showing up everywhere.

Stagnation in Content Creation

You might feel like your level isn’t upgrading and your follower count isn’t growing.

That’s normal. I don’t understand why people assume they will only experience “growth.”

I’ve had a plateau recently. I gained 500 followers in April, but then I only gained 100 followers in May. It didn’t play in my mind to question my content's quality or value. I always have a firm belief in the quality I deliver.

I’m ALWAYS iterating and doubling down on what works without getting attached to an outcome.

If it works, great. If it doesn’t, too bad. I move on.

Finally, we have arrived at the nitty gritty section. Let me introduce you to my best friend, ChatGPT. He helps me with a lot of things.

Unleashing Endless Creativity

I always say that your perspective IS your niche. So, you've got to help my friend a little bit.

My method is simple. I find exciting intersections between topics or ideas. Then, I develop another idea from the intersection. Let’s see how I use ChatGPT for that.

Method 1: Generate Intersections


They’re not fantastic, but just by reading them, I can come up with instant ideas.

Method 2: Existing Tweets

Prompt: Give me newsletter ideas based on this tweet: “I don't have the time to waste time.” Find 2 possible intersections.

Prompt 2: How about this one: Embrace the pain, feel the gains. Give me 5 ideas.

Persuasive Newsletter Outline

Let me show you how I use it to generate a fast persuasive outline with a copywriting framework.

Let’s take "Finding Strength in the Struggle: Embracing Pain for Lasting Gains."

Prompt: Based on the AIDA framework, give me an outline for "Finding Strength in the Struggle: Embracing Pain for Lasting Gains." Give me only one heading per section.

ChatGPT prompt answer to write an AIDA outline for a newsletter idea "Finding strength in the struggle: Embracing pain for lasting gains."

I always slightly change his suggested heading titles. The outline of the intersect you’re reading now has been generated with the help of ChatGPT to write an article about himself. That’s how I write unique perspectives.

Sometimes, the headlines are a great source of inspiration for a Tweet in itself.

I don’t rely on ChatGPT to come up with ideas. Therefore, I always practice my creativity by connecting dots and finding possible intersections.

I use it more in a “prepare for the war before there’s any” type of situation.

If I ever face a creative block (which I doubt), I’ll know how to deal with it!

Be aware of this Paradox. Using ChatGPT can jumpstart your creative process but don’t use it as a pre-workout. The more you rely on external help, the more you become compromisable.

Unlock your creativity on your own. Then, go Super-Saiyan mode with AI.

This free Guide will help you do that:

To Sum up. How to unleash endless creativity:

1. Identify your challenge

2. Overcome it

3. Practice by finding interesting intersections

4. Develop new ideas from your intersections

5. Use ChatGPT to jumpstart your creativity

6. Go Super-Saiyan mode with AI

7. Become unstoppable

6. Follow Imed 

Why should you follow me? Simple. I challenge your thoughts and curiosity. Therefore, it’s inevitable that you’ll think of new ideas.

This was the second part of the HumanAIzed Series. In the next intersect: “Refining Excellence: Using chatGPT to Evaluate and Rate Content.”

If you missed the first part, I highly recommend you read it here.

- Imed

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